Back Grounder

Back Grounder is an application to scale and trim images in one easy operation, to create background pictures for Windows, images for web pages or simply to trim and scale photographs to a size.





Enter the X and Y size values for the desired finished picture size. Open a picture file using the Open option from the File menu or drag and drop a picture file onto the image area.

Either enter values in the text boxes on the left or drag with the mouse to set the position of the top left corner of the area to be selected, then either enter a Scale value or roll the mouse wheel to select the area which will be selected. Two scale speeds are available from the mouse wheel, hold the shift key down to scale faster, then let go of the shift key to fine position the box.

Use the Save As menu option to save the selected area of the picture, the picture will be of the selected area and be the size in the X and Y Size text boxes.

The titlebar af the window shows the current file name and the original size of the picture.


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